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Announcing the SDK Release 2.1.0

Today we are happy to announce the latest private sharing SDK release just in time for the festive season. Our little gift to our developer community.

In this release you will find four major new features:

  • DMEScope has been extended to support more granular data fetch options. You can now restrict your request to specific data source types such as social data. You could even go as far as to restrict your query to a single data source i.e. ‘Spotify play history from the last 24hrs only’. Check out the changes in the docs here. This means that you can now ask for just the data that you need reducing processing time and reducing code complexity.
  • We want to empower users to maintain control of their data, even after sharing, so we now offer them the choice between a one-off sharing as a guest and requesting their data with the power of Check it out here.
  • We’ve exposed some of the internal workings of DMEPullClient publicly, so you can take finer control over what data is or isn’t downloaded, should you want to.
  • You can now customise the underlying polling logic in DMEPullClient by modifying pollInterval and maxStalePolls in DMEPullConfiguration.

There have also been a series of bug fixes. Which can be found in the release notes.

Please note that there is a change to the getSessionData method in this release as well which will require you to adjust your code or it won’t compile.