Data Privacy

2019 in review: highlights of a busy and productive year

It’s that time of year again where we look back over the past 12 months and see how far we’ve come. There are a lot of exciting things bubbling away across the globe that we can’t (yet) talk about, but, from new partnerships to an accelerated focus on data mobility, here are some highlights of 2019 that we can share:

– We started the year in barnstorming fashion, announcing a partnership with UBDI to launch an ethical data monetisation program for consumers.

– We were delighted to tell the world that we had been approved by the NHS to allow users access to health data held by GPs in the UK.

– Our US CEO Shane Green made waves with an op-ed in the Washington Examiner exploring whether Facebook’s privacy pivot could be taken at face value (spoiler: no).

– We were also featured in a Royal Society report on protecting privacy in practice.

– was featured as a case study in the Future of Digital Identity, a new report from Future Agenda.

– We gave our first peek into the world of Ctrl-Shift’s Data Mobility Sandbox, for which is the data facilitator. The sandbox is working with major brands including the BBC, Facebook, BT, Barclays and British Gas to explore practical benefits to innovation and use cases when data is shared with consent.

– We also held our first UK Patient Centricity focus group.

– announced a new partnership with Sopra Banking Software, to offer consumers more tailored and suitable financial services.

– We also shared the first published results from the Data Mobility Sandbox, which described the current enabling capabilities for data sharing as well as the gaps that need to be filled to make it both safe and valuable…

– … and we won third prize in a Dutch Government Citizen Centricity hackathon.

– We published a new white paper exploring the exciting potential of the data mobility opportunity.

August was quiet on the announcement front, but in September
– We wrote about how the Slovak Republic is working with to increase citizen centricity, on a project which helps students open bank accounts and access discounts, such as travel, to which they are entitled.

– UBDI’s data monetisation platform, which is built on, launched in Europe.

– We also released a major update to our mobile apps, with some pretty big changes to the way you see, search and share your personal data…

– … as well as an ALL new Private Sharing SDK for developers.

– We started a new blog series in collaboration with MyData, focused on people who are working passionately with a common aim of empowering individuals to do more with their data.

– We also co-hosted a workshop in Sydney, exploring the potential of Open Banking in Australia, with attendees including several blue chip companies.

– We announced a festive gift for developers – a new private sharing SDK release just in time for Christmas!

So there you have it – some of our high points of 2019. Here’s to another busy and productive year in 2020!