Data Privacy

Data Privacy Day 2020: why having control over personal data remains as important as ever

Another year, another Data Privacy Day – and while so much has changed for the better in the world of personal data privacy (think CCPA and other similar legislation), too much still remains the same.

Despite excellent work and awareness-building, such as that done by the global and tireless MyData movement and exciting examples of truly groundbreaking innovation, including the UK’s data mobility infrastructure sandbox, where is working as the data facilitator in a project also featuring Facebook, the BBC, BT, Barclays and Centrica, the dawn of a new digital age where the consumer is at the centre of their online life, in charge of what is shared and with whom, is still not quite upon us.

But as survey after survey continues to show that consumers care about their personal data, and are also willing to share it in exchange for products and services of their choice, the path forward is clear and visible.

Doing amazing things with data, with full privacy, security and consent is not some distant future, but something that is real and possible now with

Already apps and services – most notably data monetisation app UBDI, which recently passed 20K users – are being built on our platform, and that work – as well as education around the patient and citizen-centric benefits of all of us holding our own data – must continue to innovate, accelerate and grow, for all our sakes.

There is no better time to bring to mind our company mission statement, which spells out the reasons and principles for being who we are, and doing what we do:

We believe that control of data and privacy are fundamental human rights.

Ethical data sharing designed around a central role for individuals can change the world. We are working to create a sustainable, secure, transparent foundation for our digital lives – and the digital economy.

Everything we do aims first and foremost to empower individuals to get a complete copy of their data, regardless of the original source, and to use it for their benefit while enhancing their privacy and security.

We believe developers and companies also benefit from a more user-centric approach to data sharing. With permission, they can get access to the best possible data, enabling the data-driven innovation that the future requires.

We embrace privacy by design principles and are working to make a decentralised world reality. Our distributed architecture and business model ensure we are never able to touch, hold or see user data – or tell people how or where to use their data.

To that point, we believe in interoperability. Data must be able to flow freely however individuals choose. We make collected data accessible and usable across different formats and methods of exchange, supporting international standards and trustmarks.

Transparency is the core pillar of trust, so we build it into everything we do, from our architecture to our business model to how we run our business.

We lead by example, inspiring society, governments, businesses and individuals by showing them the power of ethical data sharing and giving them the tools and rules to do so themselves.

We remain true to our purpose and principles at all times. We invite you to join us in our mission to enable data and privacy to improve lives and create a better world.

So whether you want to work or build with us, develop with us or help shape the future of health data, seize the chance to be part of a new and more powerful digital economy based on consented sharing of data today.