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Covid-19: new Consentry app is key to back-to-work confidence

As the summer holidays draw to a close and politicians returning to Whitehall join schoolchildren going back to school, there is increasing concern that workers are continuing to stay away from the office in droves.

Data from Transport for London shows that Tube journeys are down 70 per cent on this time last year, while pictures of major motorways show very light traffic in what would normally be rush hour.

This is driving concern about the much-needed economic restart, and the Government has launched a back-to-work drive to convince commuters it is safe to get back to the office, amid concerns the ‘stay at home’ message from March has been too successful.

What is increasingly clear is that confidence is the key to offices and other workplaces filling up once again. Confidence that travelling to work is safe, and confidence that being at work is safe.

Here, data is key. We can’t suppress Covid-19 through data alone, but knowing where outbreaks are occurring – and indeed where they are not – helps build confidence in workers and employers alike as to what the actual risk is they are facing on any given day.

This is where’s new Consentry solution comes in. Designed to keep workspaces safe and the people within them healthy as far as possible, it offers a private and secure way for companies to understand their Covid-19 risk through anonymised employee and visitor intelligence.

This helps keep staff, customers and visitors safe and maintain maximum productivity without breaching individual privacy.

Our pro-active privacy-respecting risk management solution enables companies to create a safer environment, and also quickly identify any at-risk locations and take action to minimise virus spread if needed.

Consentry works through employees taking a daily in-app health assessment, which they are able to share anonymously. QR codes around the workplace enable quick check-in to create a location diary to help contact tracing if needed. The more data that is shared, the safer the workspace is for everyone.

To find out more about how Consentry can help protect your business and set up a free trial, click here.