Announcements Consentry Health partners with DTACT to reduce risk of Covid-19 in the workplace

With every government and company grappling with how to kickstart stalled economies while keeping workers safe, technology is rapidly becoming the key to helping build and sustain a new normal.

Seeing an opportunity to use private data sharing to help create a solution for employers trying to remain open during very uncertain times, approached leading Dutch data analytics and data science company DTACT earlier this year.

The result is Consentry, a new portal and platform which is designed to help organisations reduce the risk of covid in the workplace by enabling them to take both proactive and reactive measures at their location through anonymised employee and visitor intelligence shared with consent.

Employees take a daily in-app health assessment, which they are able to share anonymously, while QR codes around the workplace enable quick check-in to create a location diary to help contact tracing if needed. Consentry has most recently enabled the delivery of test results to users in the fastest and most seamless way possible while taking care of all-important security and privacy requirements.

The more data that is shared, the safer the workspace is, as businesses are able to pick up on any infection hotspots in the anonymised shared data and act quickly to stem potential transmission. This, in turn, saves them time and enables them to remain fully operational as much as possible whilst also enabling much-needed confidence for staff to come back to work.

The Consentry platform is a cloud-based SaaS product that was designed and is powered by, and which was built using DTACT’s existing Raven modular data streaming technology. provides the building blocks for sharing data privately, securely and with individual consent, while the cloud-based secure data processing and fast analytics is provided by DTACT. It is this mapping and analytics work which generates insights via each organisation’s dashboard enabling it to take appropriate and timely measures.

Rory Donnelly, CEO, said: “We have been working with DTACT for the past six months on various projects, and have a really good understanding of how to leverage each other’s strengths.

“There is a great relationship between the teams whereby we all feel as if we are extensions of each other’s teams, and we’re really proud of what we have created. We truly believe it is the secret to helping companies get back to a more normal way of working.”

Sander Swinkels, CEO of DTACT, said: “We recognise that a great value add is the integration of covid testing through a healthcare partner with Consentry: this allows a seamless integration of data analytics from testing with the functionalities of the Consentry app.

“The combination of an actual test for employees as a “must have” but only as a temporary moment of truth together with keeping a personal record of possible symptoms and a location diary to take action in case someone tests positive helps greatly to achieve a safe workplace for all.”

  • Find out more about how Consentry works, and apply for a free trial, here.