Announcements Consentry Data Privacy partners with Healthmark to enable Covid testing and verified result reporting

With effective vaccines not just on the horizon but being administered to millions, the path out of blanket lockdowns is suddenly clearer and closer.

As economies begin to open up again, focus is likely to shift to finding ways to allow those who are Covid-free to access much-missed elements of pre-pandemic life such as flights, sporting venues, office buildings and restaurants.

Crucially, this will involve being able to provide, quickly, easily and securely, evidence of a recent negative test result from an accredited provider.

To meet this new need, has partnered with Dutch healthcare and laboratory specialists Healthmark to integrate critical Covid-19 testing and analysis into its flagship Consentry platform.

This new Consentry healthpass capability is an end-to-end solution which enables users to take a self-administered PCR saliva test, send it in for processing, and then receive an in-app result. Crucially, Consentry also generates a certified and dated travel certificate, together with qualifying details of the test taken, which can be printed, shared securely or displayed as needed.

The partnership with Healthmark, which is fully accredited and certified for testing, came about because already has MedMij accreditation, the official Dutch standard for secure exchange of health data between care users and care providers.

Both companies believe strongly in privacy-focused consumer-centered services, and Healthmark’s Robert de Vries (Co-Founder and Business Development) cited’s “best-in-class” security features as a key reason why his company was keen to develop a partnership.

Marlisa Meijerink, Healthmark Co-Founder and Owner, said: “ is a future-proof partner already working to make preventive health testing more accessible to the general public in the safest possible way. “Enabling at-home testing in an easily understandable, private and secure way was our reason for starting Healthmark pre-covid and continues to be our goal during and post-covid.

“We believe there is tremendous potential in giving consumers full control over what test is done, where and when, and whether or not those test results are shared.”

Rory Donnelly, CEO, said: “We are delighted to partner with Healthmark who are experts in the complex and fast-moving testing field. “Healthmark brings a wealth of experience and their vision of empowering users with their data for preventative healthcare aligns perfectly with’s vision and values.

“We’re delighted to provide an integrated solution taking care of user registration and providing test results within the Consentry app underpinned by our privacy, security and consent layer.”

The integrated Healthmark solution reduces time and costs for Covid testing, further building on Consentry’s core aim of helping keep workforces and workspaces safe during the pandemic. The capability for antigen and antibody testing, which detects whether someone currently has covid or has had it in the past, will be added soon.

Consentry was already offering a private and secure way for companies to understand their Covid-19 risk through anonymised employee and visitor intelligence. The new Healthmark process is protected by’s secure consented data sharing mechanism, which means every stage of the process is fully private. In collaboration with Consentry, Healthmark guarantees a completely watertight and privacy-secure way of processing of test results and patient data.



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