Consentry Health creates first working UK vaccine passport capability

As vaccine rollouts continue, governments and businesses are turning their attention to how to reopen everything from the travel sector to restaurants and bars safely and at scale.

The possibility of using vaccine passports to enter certain venues has been raised by the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has said he understands their commercial use but will not be making them compulsory.

While the idea is not universally popular, many industries and companies have already indicated they will want to make use of the many benefits a health pass brings, such as increased safety and confidence for workers, travellers and consumers, especially in enclosed spaces.

In creating its health pass,’s focus has been to enable governments and businesses to fulfil these needs, in as privacy conscious a way as possible for individual users.

We are the only UK company with a live and operational health pass capability, which includes the ability to securely import and display vaccination data direct from NHS records. This is only possible due to our current and approved access to NHS medical records.’s health pass is built on the same principles as our existing secure data exchange platform, and can be displayed on demand on a user’s phone. It is verified fully private, secure and tamper-proof due to multiple robust security measures including encryption.

This health pass has been designed to be fully interoperable with other international standards, such as the Good Health Pass Collaborative, of which is a member.

Understanding that a true health pass also needs to show Covid test results, also recently partnered with Dutch healthcare and laboratory specialists Healthmark to integrate critical Covid-19 testing and analysis into our health pass capabilities, with other test centres being added.

This enables an end-to-end solution, being actively used by thousands each day, which means users can take a self-administered PCR saliva test, send it in for processing, and then receive an in-app result. Crucially, a certified and dated travel certificate is generated, together with qualifying details of the test taken, which can be printed, shared securely or displayed as needed.

Data protection regulations across the world, such as the GDPR, have enabled individuals to have greater rights over their data in recent years, and consumers have now come to expect this as standard. offers a unique and innovative way to gather and display verified health data such as vaccine or Covid test status securely, privately and on-demand – and is available for governments and businesses to use and build on today.