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Getting rewarded for your data becomes reality with new and Yorz collaboration

Personal data exchange has joined forces with the Yorz Me2B marketplace to enable users to receive cash rewards and offers by consenting access to their data whilst protecting their privacy.

Yorz has partnerships with leading European payment processors and uses patented technology to automatically capture and make available till receipt data for users to share and monetise. They can also gather other valuable data from across their lives, including finance, health and social media, using’s personal data exchange platform. The Yorz marketplace enables consumers to choose to receive cash, discounts or tailored offers based on the data access they offer brands, leaving them firmly in control.

The / Yorz combination helps merchants and brands to build a more balanced consumer relationship, offering deeper understanding of individual behaviour, spending and intent through access to more and better data. This helps firms large and small to compete with dominant data-driven eCommerce and marketplace operators.

Ger Rottink, Yorz founder, said: “Yorz is a win-win situation for consumers and merchants. Users should be able to regain ownership of and monetise their personal data, which is the most valuable commodity on earth. We are giving them the tools to do just that, while offering brands better consumer intelligence to develop, grow and drive their sales.

“Merchants and brands get tailor-made offers to the right person faster. We’re delighted to be working with, a leader in personal data routing and consent. provides Yorz with the legal, regulatory and technical environment to facilitate individuals to control and benefit from their digital life.”

Julian Ranger, executive president and founder, said: “The individual is the single most important party at the centre of their digital life. Giving them the trusted and secure tools to control who they share access with is paramount. At we are proud to enable this.

“We are delighted that Yorz is offering this Me2B marketplace in Europe, where consumers and merchants both benefit from desired, tailored and relevant services.”

With Yorz’s major European pilot, targeting 60,000 points of sale and with payment transaction data from 80 per cent of the first target geography being ingested, the traditional B2C and siloed marketplace approach is being challenged by the transition to Me2B. This user-centric way of engaging facilitates a marketplace where users can utilise their most valuable asset.

With Me2B, the next major development in the global consumer market has arrived.