Health Innovation is a Health Tech Challengers finalist!

We are delighted to share that has made it into the Top 10 Health Tech Challengers in the Telemedicine & Personalised Care category for our work reimagining the healthcare of tomorrow.

We will join nine other innovative and exciting finalists at a virtual live pitch event on October 12.

For our entry, the team explained how our mission of helping people to make better use of their data is being applied to healthcare, including to Covid health passes.

In a world where both health and care are increasingly remote and personalised, rich personal data from across individuals’ lives is key to enabling innovation. Aggregation of that data can only start at the individual, which calls human centricity. has been specifically designed to solve the current complexities and challenges around data mobility, which include difficulty of sourcing, variable quality, multiple incompatible formats and the need to apply complex and extensive data analytics to gain insights.

It does this through Private Sharing (TM), which enables and accelerates access to rich, high quality personal data, transforming and normalising data which also reduces analytics complexity. Additionally, it provides all of this in an inexpensive and easy-to-start way, with data that is assured 100 per cent private and fully secure, and compliant with all privacy regulations worldwide.

This enables individuals to securely own and control data from across their lives and then share this data with third parties they choose, with complete transparency and consent. And all businesses or organisations have to do is ask! works across all data including social media, banking, medical records, wearables, devices and more. Third parties register for a digital consent contract which enables them to interact with the individual via a single API/SDK to request permission to access individuals’ data as defined within the consent contract.

This consented access, which requires just two steps, is the key to unlocking previously impossible use cases in personal health, as well as areas such as consumer engagement, fintech, artificial intelligence and smart cities.