Data Privacy

Talking tech and discussing data on the ‘Tech-Entrepreneur-on-a-Mission’ Podcast Executive Chairman and Founder Julian Ranger was the most recent guest to feature on Ton Dobbe’s ‘Tech-Entrepreneur-on-a-Mission’ Podcast.

Ton is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Founder of growth consultancy firm Value Inspiration and hosts a different entrepreneur each week to chat about their innovative ideas.

Recently, he explored the work is doing to put people back in control over their personal data, while respecting individual privacy. By enabling the ‘Internet of Me’, which puts individuals at the heart of their digital life, brand new opportunities are created to bring about the innovation and breakthroughs needed to change society for the better.

The pair discuss how the internet has become somewhere where nobody has total control over their data, meaning value is lost due to the lack of personalisation. Also lost is the opportunity of individuals to control and share data on their terms, and the many and varied benefits sharing data in this way can bring.

During the interview, Julian speaks about thinking differently on the three ways in which we currently approach data to create a better future for the world. These include individuals knowing where their data is, having the right to that data and being the only entity that can use that data an unlimited amount of times. Companies can’t bring consumer data together “to get a rich data library view”, meaning that, according to Julian, “we are effectively stopped from our future at this point”. But there is one entity that knows all about the needs and wants of a consumer, and that’s the individual.

Julian describes’s mission of empowering people with their personal data, as individuals know where all their data is, while they also have “a right for that data”. By having that knowledge and ownership, only individuals have “unlimited usage rights” to unlock the potential data has to be a force for good. This means that rich data can be aggregated efficiently to create a scenario where data is being used effectively, with full privacy, security and consent.

The way forward may seem as simple as fixing concerns around privacy and consent, but that only covers stopping the negatives of sharing and owning data. What is needed is a method of sharing more and better data, as that is the only way to achieve the positive outcome potential of data. Julian explains that by creating a person-centric method of sharing data, “privacy, security and consent comes along for the ride” as individuals have full control over their data.

This podcast episode aims to leave the listener with four key learning points:

  1. We too often approach the problem of data too from the wrong end, and we should instead look ahead to what the simple desired outcome for the user should be
  2. How your big idea can go the distance on the road to success, even if it’s not as smooth as one would like
  3. Everybody is lucky, but many aren’t seeing that luck around them; persistence is key!
  4. Why entrepreneurs need to focus their efforts towards the internal and external messaging of their ideas

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