Announcements MyData recognised for leadership with MyData operator award 2021 are thrilled to announce that we have received a MyData Operator Award. The award recognizes our efforts to empower people with their data!


At MyData’s recent meeting in the Netherlands, 22 service providers across 11 countries have been awarded the MyData Operator status. This brings the total number of operators to date to 30 organizations. Teemu Ropponen, General Manager of MyData Global, commented on how these businesses “put people first at a time when tools empowering people ‘with real choices over their data’ are becoming a norm.”


The MyData Operator Awards initiative was launched in 2020. These awards highlight companies that met and exceeded the public demand for ethical approaches to personal data management. These organizations have been recognized for managing transparency when communicating their practices and business models, ensuring that the users benefit from their personal data.


MyData Operators serve as data intermediaries who provide human-centric personal data management and governance. Placing individuals at the heart of the data sharing process creates an ‘inclusive approach to address the ills of the current data economy’ that seize upon the ‘opportunities for better use in personal data.’


‘Data intermediaries’ are defined in the EU’s Data Governance Act as a service designed to ‘establish direct legal or business relationships for data sharing’. These providers help foster the use of data in the economy by increasing trust in data intermediaries and developing data-sharing mechanisms across the EU.


There has been rising demand from the public that they should be in control of their data while also wishing to see personal data companies be ethical, open, and transparent about their actions. The number of companies realizing the benefits of giving people control over their data is rising. The MyData Operator Awards recognizes the efforts of ethical companies and their ability to demonstrate leadership when managing personal data and data sharing.


The very idea of human-centric personal data is becoming an idea that is gaining worldwide recognition and traction. MyData is working hard for society, built on the foundations of trust, self-determination, and the maximization of the collective benefits of personal data. ensure the safe and secure sharing of personal data. The privacy of the data owner is paramount. Putting them in control of how their data is used enables better opportunities for using that data. Empowering people with their data means these individuals can make well-informed decisions regarding their data, working towards unlocking its true power and potential.


Receiving a MyData Operator Award certifies as an organization that takes the subject of data ethics seriously at a time of numerous scandals that involve the misuse of personal data. As data privacy champions, are determined to put people at the heart of the data sharing process and establish a strong feeling of trust between companies and consumers.


We cannot be more delighted to achieve what some describe as the gold standard for ethical data intermediaries. With 2021 coming to an end, enter the new year full of optimism after being recognized as a leader in the ever-expanding personal data space. Keep your eye out for further developments and achievements from a team dedicated to empowering people with their data.