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What is your Wimbledon Tennis Pose?

Friday Fun: Tennis Poses

The Wimbledon tennis season for 2015 is well underway and no matter who you are supporting it is good to have fun in the sun. When you watch the tennis you sometimes see people dressed as their favorite tennis stars whilst watching on center court but not everyone is fortunate enough to get tickets so we thought why not bring the center court fun online.

Our Friday Fun session today is one to get you looking and feeling like a tennis pro! Get your cameras to the ready with a friend and put together your best tennis poses… If you want to really get into it why not dress up like your favorite tennis star!  Post your picture on Facebook, Twitter etc with the hashtag #tennisposes #wimbledon and let’s see what fun we can all create!

And as a bonus bit of fun, leave a comment for us telling us who you think will be in the men’s and women’s finals.

Wimbledon for your sporting heroes

Sporting Heroes and Hashtags

We all have our sporting heroes and the next couple of weeks bring us plenty of sports action with Wimbledon and the Henley Royal Regatta followed by the British Golf Open and much more!  We will shout and cheer for our heroes no matter what country we are in.  It will be an emotional roller coaster as we watch who wins and loses. We will probably share those emotions and moments with our friends online as well.

These days you can’t watch a sports event without a hashtag being present on the TV but did you know that when you tag your updates with those hashtags more people see them? Why not think about using #wimbledon and #murray if you are an Andy Murray fan.  Hashtags work on Facebook as well as Twitter.  Many people forget that this is the case.  The change happened on Facebook late last year and mostly I see companies using it but when fans use it and get behind their sporting heroes it is so much more effective.

One day we hope that digi.me will be your personal data hero and maybe you will even hashtag us! Tell us what we can do to be the best that we can be and turn us into your hero app!

Friday Fun: Muddy Boots

Every time it comes round to things like the Glastonbury Festival in England it rains! Tents get flooded and everyone gets out their muddy boots.  This year is looking like it may follow suit!

We thought it might be fun for everyone to share their muddy boots pictures from  Glastonbury any any other fun festivals that they have attended this year and in previous years using the hashtag #muddyboots

If you can’t make it this year you can still take part, just download digi.me and search for glastonbury and save those muddy boots pictures from last year.  It’s amazing how fun and different muddy boots can be from different festivals and even different countries. Let’s see what fun ones turn up! We’ll retweet and share our favourites!

Friday Fun: Eurovision 2015

This weekend in Europe is known to many of us as Eurovision weekend! It is the 60th year of the contest with 40 participating countries including Australia as a guest country!

This is the weekend where TV’s are tuned into music from across Europe and everyone is shouting at their TV about who to vote for. For some there may even be Eurovision parties to attend and even a bit of a sing along.

Eurovision Party

Along side all this mayhem pictures are taken and shared on social media sites for all to witness. But what happens next?  Well obviously there is the inevitable embarrassing moment when you realize you’ve just been caught singing along to a song in a language you don’t understand and no one has a clue what you are singing.

You’ve been tagged and your moment is captured for all your friends to laugh about. What do you do?  Un-tag yourself… laugh it off as a bit of fun, or hide with utter embarrassment!

Well before you decide to untag yourself save the moment with digi.me so that at least you can find it again and have a good giggle.

You can also look back to last year and see what fun pictures you and your friends shared last Eurovison!  Why not re-share the moment and relive the experience!

Anyone fancy making any predictions… Obviously being a Brit I want the UK to win… Who wins your vote?

Digi Me Predictions for 2015

2015 is in full flow and now is a great time to predict the key trends for the year ahead. Here are a few of our predictions..

  • Personal data ownership will be debated.
  • You will own your data and create permissions/ terms of use to companies rather than agreeing to their policies.
  • Personal data privacy will become more important to people.
  • New services and tools will become available to help you capture and manage your personal data.
  • Individuals will have a better understanding of who has access and stores their data.

What personal data privacy trends are you spotting for the year ahead? Leave a comment or share your predictions using #pdppredictions

Friday Fun: Unpredictable

Every year around the start of January people predict what is to come in the year. In 2015 we should expect the following subject areas to be major growth areas in the year to come according to ITPro Portal.

  • Internet of Things
  • A growth in the cyber crime economy
  • Supply Chain attacks
  • Point of Sale attacks
  • Renewed risk management
  • New tools and solutions emerging
  • Cyber insurance
  • C-level and board influence
  • Major software flaws
  • Identity-as-a-Service
  • Compliance and regulation
  • Encryption
  • Ransomware
  • Major breaches
  • Malvertising

That is all great but every year there are fun and unpredictable things that capture our hearts and minds. What unpredictable things caught your attention on social media last year and what unpredictable events can you imagine for 2015?

HINT: Use Digi Me to look back at your past content and pick out some of your highlights to predict your 2015 highlights.