Facebook Terms & Policy Update – What does it mean for your data?

Facebook Privacy Basics

If you have a Facebook account you may have noticed a little icon pop up in the top right of your account making you aware about the latest Facebook terms and policy changes.  Most people tend to ignore these small changes but it is always worth noting how recent changes affect who owns your data.

The latest changes on Facebook attempt to make it clearer who has access to your data and how.  The big changes are mainly in the area of tracking data on your mobile device.  So if you are a mobile user your usage statistics including GPS data will now be stored against your Facebook account.  Also included in this recent update is a log of websites you have visited whilst you are logged into Facebook.  This information is collected and used to help advertisers target advertisements that are more relevant to your interests.  Whilst this information has been collected in the past it hasn’t been as clear what it was being used for.

If you don’t want Facebook to know where you have been and when, the advice online is to use the web version of Facebook rather than the Facebook app.  This way you keep your location data private when you are out and about.

What can we do to help you manage your data?

SocialSafe which is transitioning to Digi.Me can help you manage and store your social media content including your Facebook data. At the end of the day your data belongs to you and as such we provide you with the tools to take a copy of your data from Facebook (along with many other data sources) and store it locally so that you have your data on your computer. This means that if there is an outage on Facebook or you decide that you no longer wish to use a social media provider you can download a copy of your data including your images and status updates.  You no longer have to lose those all important moments that you once shared with friends, family and colleagues.  Give SocialSafe a try today by clicking on the link below. It’s free and puts you in control of your data! (Plus there is so much more you can do with your data when you have it all to yourself!)

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How To View Instagrams From Your Desktop

One feature within SocialSafe that you might not be aware of, is to do with photos. You can jump to the original image on the social network it was posted to with just one click.

When viewing any of the photos backed up in your SocialSafe library, you should be used to clicking on the thumbnail to see the larger view of the photo, as well as any comments, tags and likes. One thing you may not have noticed is the ‘View original’ button (highlighted in red) just beneath the large view of each photo:

view instagram photos on your pc or mac

Clicking on ‘View original’ will open up a browser window (or tab) and take you to the social network where the original image was posted. This short video shows you how this feature works with Instagram photos, but the same principle applies for any photos backed up in your SocialSafe library:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS84tadFov4]

One way you might want to utilise this functionality is by combining it with the Flashback feature. When you’re shown your most popular photo from today’s date in previous years, you might want to remind your friends of it. By clicking on ‘View original’ you can jump straight to that image on whichever network it was posted on, and you could then comment on it again, or reshare it so that your friends or those who are tagged in it get a reminder of the great memories you’ve created together.

There are many other reasons why being able to jump back to the original photos online could be useful, and we’re sure you’ll find your own! This is just one of the ways we try to enhance your experience of using SocialSafe and enjoying your content, and we’ve got plenty more to come!

Tumblr Blogger Loses 100,000+ Posts – Are You Backing Up Yours?

Many of you will have heard stories about users of social network having their accounts deleted or blocked without warning nor consultation. Last month as popular blogger who goes by the name Bohemea had her Tumblr account shut down, losing over five years of work – totalling over 100,000 posts across two separate blogs – in the process.

Tumblr’s reasoning for this was that had received five complaints in two years from copyright holders over Bohemea’s use of their images without permission.

Speaking to HubSpot, Bohemea told Dan Lyons that she would happily have removed the images if Tumblr had notified her, but her entire account was just deleted without warning. Bohemea claims that similar fates have befallen other Tumblr bloggers.

This serves as yet another stark reminder that even though it may have our own name at the top of the page, the content and data that we create and store online belongs very much to whomever is hosting that data on our behalf. As we have seen all too many times in the past, legitimate accounts and pages can be taken down without the content creator being given a chance to make a copy of their thoughts and memories. And getting your data back from third-parties is not exactly easy.

If your online life is important to you, then take control of your data and get your whole story on your own machine with SocialSafe. Download your social network content including friends, messages, photos, comments, posts, updates and blogs, all to your very own digital journal where you can view, search and export your whole story.

Have you ever had account content deleted unjustly or without your consent? Tell us your stories in the comments section below.