SocialSafe v6.6.8 Released – Facebook Messages and Black Screen Fixes

A number of you have recently been encountering problems with downloading Facebook Messages with SocialSafe. This has been a stone in the shoe of our developers for some time, due to a number of factors external to the application itself.

Without going into too much detail, some changes made by Facebook to its API caused some messages – or entire threads – to either be duplicated or omitted when users synced content to their libraries. Other changes also affected how regularly the app could retrieve data and in what quantity, so when dealing with a high volume of messages this could slow the sync down.

However, after lots of hard work from our developers we have been able to address these issues in SocialSafe v6.6.8, which is available now. The app should prompt you to auto update upon opening, or you can click here to download the latest version.

Another problem some users may have experienced was a black overlay appearing over the app, which could not be dismissed and prevented the use of SocialSafe. We’ve also managed to fix this issue in the latest release, so if you close and reopen the application you should be able to auto-update.

We’d like to thank all our users who have helped us by reporting problems and providing us with the feedback that allows us to fix them. Quite often it’s the case that we aren’t able to replicate some of the issues that people are experiencing, so we’re extremely grateful when our users take the time to work with our developers and support team to help us solve problems that can affect the whole SocialSafe community.

So on behalf of the whole team, a big ‘thank you!’ from us, and we hope that this latest release solves any problems you may have had with Facebook Messages and/or the black screen overlay.

SocialSafe v6.6.7 Released – Facebook Message Download Improvements & More

We’ve just released SocialSafe v6.6.7 in order to address a few issues that have cropped up since the last release that were affecting some users, and while we were at it we also included some improvements to the app that were slated to be part of the next major release.

Those of you on OSX may have noticed the odd issue with the Scheduler recently. We’ve now made some changes in v6.6.7 that will improve the reliability of the Scheduler meaning that your SocialSafe will back up any new content to your library from you social networks at the times you specify.

Another big performance improvement we’ve made is to downloading Facebook Messages. We’ve managed to speed up the process of downloading Facebook Messages and the message counter issue (the numbers you see by the status bar while syncing) has been resolved.

Other fixes and improvements in SocialSafe v6.6.7 include:

– Fixed Missing Journal View Backup Stats Issue
– Fixed Missing Facebook Page Avatar Issue
– Fixed Sync Stall on Facebook Events
– Fixed broken PDF Export button in Collections
– Suppressed Black Screen Issue some Users Experienced

We weren’t able to replicate all of these issues ourselves, so if you still experience problems with any of the above then please get in touch to let us know, and we’ll do our best to resolve matters.

– the SocialSafe team

SocialSafe v6.6.5 Released – UI Improvements, Facebook Messages Fix & More

Yesterday we released SocialSafe v6.6.5, which included a number of planned improvements and also some ad hoc work we had to carry out to address to external problems that have been affecting the app.

You may have noticed some irregularities with SocialSafe recently with regards to downloading Facebook Messages, and you might have seen a large number of duplicate messages being stored in your SocialSafe library. This turned out to be because Facebook had changed the way it labels messages from a raw data point of view, meaning that as far as the SocialSafe application was concerned, these were new messages and therefore added to the library as new items.

But the good news is that the issue was relatively straightforward to fix, so if you update to SocialSafe v6.6.5 and sync your Facebook messages the app will retrospectively remove any duplicate messages that you may have already synced to your SocialSafe library.

Elsewhere in the app we have made the following improvements:

– Photo Caption UI Improvements
– View Filtering Improvements
– PDF Contact Ordering Improvements
– CSV Export Button now active in Message Views
– Helper .NET Error Issue Resolved
– Resolution for occasional pop-up issue preventing use of app

We’d like to thank everyone who has contacted us with questions and suggestions, as this always helps us to forge forward and move SocialSafe in a direction that our customers want.

– the SocialSafe team