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Friday Fun: Footprints

My Digital Footprint This week we have been talking digital footprints. Be that the footprint that we leave behind across every website we visit, or where we knowingly share content via social networks etc.

Whilst looking at some of the different aspects of digital footprints I came across this great piece of artwork by Jenny Hottle that I just had to share.  Whilst the work is from 2011 the sentiment of the article and the art still stands true today.

We all have our own individual identity online and how we share and want to view that is unique.  If you were going to create a digital footprint of your online life what would yours look like?  Would it look similar to this one of Jenny’s or would it be totally different… What unique aspects of your digital life would shine through and how do you think your digital footprint has changed over time?

If I think about my own digital footprint over time you would see my Facebook area being larger than Twitter for personal use, however if you had asked me the same question a year ago I would have said I was more focused on Twitter.  Instagram and PInterest have become more relevant to me and so has Ebay.  That gives you just a little insight into my personal digital footprint… Tell me about yours and how it has changed over time. I would be fascinated to hear about it.

Remember you can always use digi.me to backup your social media digital footprint and keep control of your social media data.  That way if you ever choose to leave a social network you will always have a copy of your data. 

Friday Fun: A Personal One

When it comes to having fun and enjoying ourselves we all want to come up with the ultimate weekend plans.  We look to one another for inspiration and ideas.  What better place to look for those ideas than on our social media networks.

This weeks Friday fun is one of working out what really makes us smile at a weekend.  What is it that we each love doing. Use digi.me to look back over your old social network content and see what fun things you have done last summer or even the summers before that for ideas about what you want to do this weekend.

I took a look at my own social media history and it jogged my memory that there is a country fete that is on this weekend every year that it would be nice to take my son to so that is now my plan! Let us know what plans you are making!

Friday Fun: Finding Yourself

When you lose your phone or your laptop fails you how do you find and restore your digital self?

The other day I lost my phone. Don’t ask me how I will never know!  Anyway it was lost for three whole days and along with it my sanity and my sense of humor were both starting to go as well.  All I will say is thank goodness that my digital life is mainly online and here’s how I managed to recover it!

First of all I started searching for my phone… I looked everywhere, turned the house upside down… then started searching my car and anywhere I’d been recently. It took forever and I didn’t find it.  So then I decided to play detective…

  1. What was the last social media content that I uploaded? What were the last pictures of me online and what was I wearing? (Maybe it is in my clothes or maybe it will give me an idea of where I was when I lost my phone… (I used the digi.me journal to do this bit as it was quicker than looking at each social network individually!)
  2. All my photo’s are backed up to the cloud so I also then went through the most recent image uploads there… The last images that were uploaded were at home… that’s a start then… it’s unlikely to be anywhere but home…
  3. My phone is on Android OS so I then decided to see what information Google had captured about my location to confirm this last assumption. All I needed to do was search “find my phone” on Google and it shows the last place it saw it.  Thank goodness it agreed the last place I had it was at home!
  4. So now to work out what I did with it.  I knew where I’d been that day so then went through the bags I’d used and voila my phone was found!

So you see social media and my online digital presence can be used to track my every move.

Your challenge today is to find out what information is out there about you and share your story online.  Remember when you share your story tag it with #itsyourlife and we’ll share the best of them on Twitter and Facebook!

What is your Wimbledon Tennis Pose?

Friday Fun: Tennis Poses

The Wimbledon tennis season for 2015 is well underway and no matter who you are supporting it is good to have fun in the sun. When you watch the tennis you sometimes see people dressed as their favorite tennis stars whilst watching on center court but not everyone is fortunate enough to get tickets so we thought why not bring the center court fun online.

Our Friday Fun session today is one to get you looking and feeling like a tennis pro! Get your cameras to the ready with a friend and put together your best tennis poses… If you want to really get into it why not dress up like your favorite tennis star!  Post your picture on Facebook, Twitter etc with the hashtag #tennisposes #wimbledon and let’s see what fun we can all create!

And as a bonus bit of fun, leave a comment for us telling us who you think will be in the men’s and women’s finals.

Friday Fun: Muddy Boots

Every time it comes round to things like the Glastonbury Festival in England it rains! Tents get flooded and everyone gets out their muddy boots.  This year is looking like it may follow suit!

We thought it might be fun for everyone to share their muddy boots pictures from  Glastonbury any any other fun festivals that they have attended this year and in previous years using the hashtag #muddyboots

If you can’t make it this year you can still take part, just download digi.me and search for glastonbury and save those muddy boots pictures from last year.  It’s amazing how fun and different muddy boots can be from different festivals and even different countries. Let’s see what fun ones turn up! We’ll retweet and share our favourites!

Friday Fun: Summer Sun

Now that summer is pretty much here and the sun is starting to sizzle and shine I thought it would be fun for us all to share some of our favourite sunny moments from last year.

Your challenge for today is to use digi.me to find your favourite summer sunshine picture that you took last year.  The quick and easy way to do this across all your social media accounts is to select the time period for last summer… So let’s say from May – August 2014 and take a look to see what pictures come back. I bet you have a fun trip down memory lane with this one and that some of those pictures make you smile.

If you haven’t used digi.me before then you may find this article on how to select date useful.

Friday Fun: Eurovision 2015

This weekend in Europe is known to many of us as Eurovision weekend! It is the 60th year of the contest with 40 participating countries including Australia as a guest country!

This is the weekend where TV’s are tuned into music from across Europe and everyone is shouting at their TV about who to vote for. For some there may even be Eurovision parties to attend and even a bit of a sing along.

Eurovision Party

Along side all this mayhem pictures are taken and shared on social media sites for all to witness. But what happens next?  Well obviously there is the inevitable embarrassing moment when you realize you’ve just been caught singing along to a song in a language you don’t understand and no one has a clue what you are singing.

You’ve been tagged and your moment is captured for all your friends to laugh about. What do you do?  Un-tag yourself… laugh it off as a bit of fun, or hide with utter embarrassment!

Well before you decide to untag yourself save the moment with digi.me so that at least you can find it again and have a good giggle.

You can also look back to last year and see what fun pictures you and your friends shared last Eurovison!  Why not re-share the moment and relive the experience!

Anyone fancy making any predictions… Obviously being a Brit I want the UK to win… Who wins your vote?

Friday Fun: The Look Back One

Easter has gone,spring is here,why not take a look back at what you were doing this time last year?

Just like Facebook and Timehop we have a look back feature that you can use to see what you were up to this time last year.  You can schedule your lookback to automatically happen just like we have described in this article. Or alternatively you can just browse to this date last year using the calendar functionality and here’s how to do that:

Look Back Using The Calendar

Step 1.

Open digi.me.

Step 2.

Go to the calendar and select the current date but last year.

Lookback calendar

All the social media updates you now see in your timeline are on that day last year. Feel free to share them with your friends and colleagues.


Friday Fun: It’s Your Life – Quotes

We’ve had a bit of a celebrity theme on the blog this week due to the Oscars coming up this weekend and we thought we would continue the theme.  This time however we want to share your favourite celebrity quotes on your favourite social network and tag them with #itsmylife

Think about which quote really represents you and your life.  Why does that particular quote resonate with you? You may just find that one comes up this Sunday during the Oscars that you just have to share!

Here’s my favourite celebrity quote:

“I think people sometimes don’t pay enough attention to what they do. I’ve done well, but the reason is pretty simple: I’ve worked my ass off. The toughest thing a performer can do is make it look as if it comes easy.” – Justin Timberlake

It resonates with me because it is important to me that I work hard and know what I have achieved for the effort that I have put in.  If I find that I am putting lots of effort in and am not getting the results then I’m doing something wrong…

Friday Fun: 13th… Lucky For Some!

Friday 13th is renowned globally for being the unluckiest day of the year but is this right?  If we look into the superstition in detail there is no history of this phenomenon prior to the 19th century.  On the surface it appears that Friday is known to be the unluckiest day of the week and 13 the unluckiest number in some parts of the world.  But let’s put this into context…

Friday: The last day of the working week… Lucky for us the following day is the weekend! However in mariners circles this day is seen as unlucky. Most of us however are not going to be on the water today so for us that is a good thing….

Number 13: Whilst in some countries such as Italy 13 is considered a lucky number, it is more often associated with bad luck. Often you will find in a tall building floor 13 doesn’t exist or has been re-numbered!

Combining these two things apparently is really bad… However 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2… So if you are more optimistic then why not think positively today and share all the good things that happen to you during the course of your day!  It is better to get used to Friday the 13th now than worry about it as we have three this year in February, March and November!

PS Don’t forget it’s Valentines Day tomorrow! It would be very unlucky to forget that if you need to arrange a surprise for a loved one!