British spies want shorter and less secure passwords

If you thought the purpose of passwords was to be as strong as possible to give your information and accounts the best chance of being secure, Britain's spies at GCHQ have news for you. In a new document, Password Guidance - simplifying your approach (PDF), the organisation's cyber director said that advice has moved on … Continue reading British spies want shorter and less secure passwords

Friday Fun: your embarrassing data leaks

Ashley Madison data leak

While no-one is suggesting the Ashley Madison data hack/leak is in any way funny for those involved, the wall-to-wall coverage across social and traditional media does suggest it has hit a nerve. Data protection and privacy has gained a lot of traction in recent months, with publicising of the Ashley Madison and Sony hacks, in … Continue reading Friday Fun: your embarrassing data leaks

Friday Fun: remembering university days

This week hundreds of thousands of teenagers have found out if they have made the grade (quite literally) for places at university. It's been a stressful time for parents, as well as the students themselves, but with many now holding confirmed places, it's a time to start celebrating and looking forward to new adventures as … Continue reading Friday Fun: remembering university days