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Back up your Instagram – or risk losing everything

Instagram users have reported having their entire accounts suspended or deleted without warning, with no chance to save or back up their content first.

The issue was first highlighted by Hugo Baeta, a Portugese web designer living in San Francisco, who wrote a blog on his shock of having his account with over 900 photos in it deleted hours after posting five videos from a Janet Jackson concert.

What concerned him most was the speed of the action taken, with his account being completely deleted without a chance of defending himself or being  given the opportunity to remove them.

When he tried to respond to links in the emails sent about the videos, which had been the subject of copyright claims, presumably from Jackson’s legal team, he was unable to login and then directed to a help article that told him: “Your account has been deleted for not following our terms. You won’t be able to log into this account and no one else will be able to see it. We’re unable to restore accounts that are deleted for these types of violations.”

As he explained in his blog: “So, my Instagram account got deleted without them giving me any kind of actionable options to follow up. I can’t contest the take-down notice (which would be my legal right), because I can no longer log into my account. My account got deleted for posting 5 videos from a concert that I really loved – something I’ve done countless times with other artists I saw perform live.”

Getting to the crux of the matter, he added: “All of this made me quite introspective today. Something so tiny, in the grand scheme of things, actually has shaken me. I was looking back at all the photos I posted on Instagram over these 3 years (over 900 photos) and all the memories they are associated with. It’s a shame all the comments and reactions to them are lost now. But none of it was ever “mine” to begin with, right?  It’s a fine line for these social network companies… they need users to exist, yet users aren’t the client, we are the product they sell to advertisers.”

Of course, he’s wrong in one way – whatever the T&Cs of the various networks, content and information created by us or about us does fundamentally belong to us – but that’s of very little help in a situation like this where the platform holds all the power.

Occurrences like this show why it is critical that each and every one of us has all of our information, or at least a copy of it, in a place that we own and control – and it is this vital work which is a big driver in the continuing growth and development of our free app, which does just that.

Luckily for Hugo, he has a friend at Facebook (which owns Instagram), who helped him get his account reinstated. But it is clear from the blog comments that others in the same position were not so fortunate. And even Hugo himself is clear he will transition away from Instagram, his faith in it tarnished by this unpleasant experience.

SocialSafe Video Guides: How To Download Instagram Videos

Last week we told you all about SocialSafe v6.5.8 which now allows you to download your Instagram videos to your SocialSafe journal, where they can be viewed, searched and exported, just like your other content.

We’ve recently put together a short video as part of our SocialSafe Features Guide series, which shows you how you can interact with your Instagram videos within SocialSafe:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZjAWVsFXvk align’center’]

Your Instagram videos are backed up the same way as your Instagram photos, and all the captions, comments, tags and likes are also downloaded to your SocialSafe journal, and they can be searched just as you would do with any of your other content.

If you’re already backing up Instagram photos with SocialSafe, any videos that you create will be downloaded to your own machine whenever you sync. If you don’t currently use SocialSafe and want a way to download Instagram videos and photos, get the SocialSafe free trial from our website. We also have a video that shows you how to download Instagram photos, which includes how to add an Instagram account to SocialSafe for the first time.

Get creative!

SocialSafe v6.5.8 Released – Download Your Instagram Videos, Historic Data Pop-up and More

We’ve just released SocialSafe v6.5.8 and this latest version contains a couple of brand new features never before seen in SocialSafe.

First up we have added support for Instagram Video. This allows SocialSafe users to safely download Instagram Videos to their own machine, along with all the comments, tags, and likes. This works in the same way that we currently support Instagram Photo download, meaning that you can also search and export Instagram Videos from within SocialSafe. Here’s how the Instagram videos appear among your other photos in the SocialSafe journal:

download instagram videos

We’ve also added historic data pop-up. This is a really cool new feature that shows you your most popular content on that day in previous years. Ordinarily this will be your most popular photo from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, but if there are no photos on that day in years gone by, your most popular written update will be shown. You’ll see this appear discretely in the corner of your screen, even if you don’t have SocialSafe open, and this will occur at 1000 hrs daily. This is how the historic data pop-up will appear on your desktop:

on this day

It wasn’t all just shiny new features with this release, there was some general maintenance that we had to take care of. We were aware that some of you had experienced problems with stalling syncs when backing up certain types of content from Facebook and Twitter – these have now been fixed, along with a .NET error and a sync looping issue. We also made some minor bug fixes and UI improvements.

We hope you like the new features we’ve added to SocialSafe, and as ever, if you have any further suggestions please let us know through our Feedback Forum, on our Facebook Page, get in touch via Twitter, or on Google+ or LinkedIn.

Use SocialSafe To Unite Your Social Networks

These days more and more of our time is spent online, and an increasing amount of our output is held in the cloud, with social networks accounting for a large proportion of this content.

At times it can be hard to keep track of your various activities, especially when you are connected with an individual on more than one social network. Trying to remember when and indeed where you spoke with someone or received a message or link can be an arduous task.

SocialSafe allows you to unite your social networks, creating a searchable offline journal populated by your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Viadeo accounts. You can select which aspects of each service that you’d like to backup from the cloud, and aggregate all of them into one place that you can browse or search.

For example if you are someone who does a lot of communicating through Twitter, you can search your SocialSafe journal to find all mentions, DMs and tweets to or from a certain person. But say you are connected with someone on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Twitter, you can simply incorporate those networks into your search parameters within SocialSafe to see all interactions that have previously occurred with that person.

If you were trying to find a particular tweet or Facebook timeline post but you can’t remember who said it or the exact date, it’s as easy as going to the Calendar view in the app and setting a range of dates to then browse all of your activities across your networks to find what you are looking for.

So if you want to unite your social networks, start using SocialSafe now to backup your Facebook Timeline, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Viadeo accounts to create a beautiful, searchable, digital journal. You can find out more information about SocialSafe and download the free version on our website.

Instagram Backup Now Available With SocialSafe v6.1

This week we released a new version of SocialSafe that extended the range of download services to include Instagram. As well as Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Viadeo, users can now backup, view, search and export their Instagram photos, comments and likes.

A fully comprehensive backup of Instagram had featured in our plans for some time, and in the coming weeks we will implement tighter integration between SocialSafe and Instagram. But given the mixed reaction from users of the photo-sharing app in the wake of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram – some even saying that they would delete their accounts – we decided it was best to work quickly towards releasing a version of SocialSafe that allowed users to backup their photos and some additional content in the first instance.

Instagram backup

So here we are with SocialSafe v6.1 – and doesn’t it look great! Instagram backup is functionality that can be enjoyed by SocialSafe Pro and Enterprise users, so if you’d like to be able to safely and securely backup you Instagram content, visit the SocialSafe website and start your offline digital journal now. The Instagram functionality is available in a free upgrade for existing Pro and Enterprise SocialSafe users.

This video shows just how easy it is to sync an Instagram account using SocialSafe:

For more information about SocialSafe in general, take a look at our Updates page to see what we’ve already achieved and where we plan to go with future releases. We’re working in exciting times here at SocialSafe HQ, and we hope that you’ll join us on the forward journey!