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digi.me featured in Der Spiegel and Icelandic press!

Here at digi.me we’re active around the world and at the forefront of innovation in the burgeoning personal data economy, so we’re not unused to press attention.

But we’re delighted to have been featured in an article in Der Spiegel, one of Europe’s biggest and most prestigious weekly news magazines, looking at how data start-ups such as digi.me are changing the value perception of personal data for the benefit of both users and businesses.der-spiegel

Journalist Marcel Rosenbach interviewed our founder and chairman, Julian Ranger, about our company vision of returning the power of data back to the individual for them to exchange with companies as they wish, on their terms.

We’re not alone in reimagining how the internet, and particularly the use of personal data, should look, but we are doing exciting and pioneering work and it’s always good to see that recognised.

We also hit the press in Iceland after Julian (he’s very busy and very much in demand!) spoke at a conference on the future of financial technology there.


The ability to add full health and financial data to your digi.me library is on track to be added later this year.

We also have a host of very excitings lined up for this year that we can’t quite reveal yet – but you’ll be the first to know when that changes!

Stay tuned!

The Future of Personal Data

What is the future of personal data? How will it affect me personally and how will it affect my work and day to day life? These are all big questions when it comes to our personal data and these questions become even more prominent when we start to look at who currently has access to data about us.

Currently our banks, telecoms companies, social networks, fitness band companies, search engine providers and shopping sites all have information about us. Whilst this data is somewhat dispersed across the internet it is also duplicated. In some ways because it is not all in one place it seems safer.  However over time that data becomes out of date and unreliable.  We move house and have to inform everyone of our new address for example and it takes forever to get round to changing everything over.

These big companies aren’t allowed to share the core data about us between themselves without our permission but in some cases they have that permission without us even realizing it as we sign up to the small print or miss an opt out tick box.  Before we know it we have unrelated companies spamming us or cold calling.

Now imagine if we could easily revoke that permission to access the information about ourselves from those companies without having to write letters or chase, just at the click of a button.  Wouldn’t that be easier… and wouldn’t it be easier if we could give permission through simple but understandable terms and if we didn’t agree they couldn’t use our data.

Going one step further, if we owned our health data we could carry our health records ourselves when we travel and when we go to hospital with an illness or injury.  Lost medical records become a thing of the past. Clearly we would want to backup and securely store this information but once we can do that we can do so much more with it.

In order to make this sort of future a reality there are a few things that have to happen first. Companies need to understand better how data is owned and by whom, they also need to realize that it is no longer acceptable to lose data or sell it on without our knowledge.

Individuals need to realize that their data has a value, it belongs to them and is in fact part of their personal identity and not just something to be traded to the highest bidder for ad placements.  We need to stop giving away parts of ourselves without understanding how we can take control back of that data at any point in the future.

The “Internet of Things” is already a reality but the “Internet of Me” is just beginning. We all need to start taking a look at who we are, what data is of value to us and how that data could be used in ways that benefit us more as individuals.

Digi.me helps you to take that first step where you control of your personal web data.  We have started you off with putting you back in control of your social media updates and we look forward to bringing you even more control of your data.  Just remember we don’t see your data you do! It is yours and you own it all!

Birthday Celebrations for digi.me!

Today is our digi.me birthday!  Yes we are a year older and a year wiser!  We just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who uses digi.me regularly.  Without you we wouldn’t be celebrating our birthday today so simply put today is all about you our digi.me users.

Over the past 12 months you have seen digi.me move from SocialSafe to it’s new brand and home digi.me.  We’ve released the following new features:

  • The app now supports Emoticons & Facebook Stickers, with more being added over the coming weeks.
  • Password protection now includes a ‘Remember me’ option for ease of access
  • There’s a whole new view called ‘Flashback’ which enables you to stumble across treasured memories
  • We’ve integrated a ‘Send to’ Evernote option
  • More languages have been added: Greek, Estonian, Russian & Romanian 🙂
  • Our PDF Export feature now includes multilingual support.
  • We’’ve rebuilt the way content is stored for vastly improved security and speed and to lay the foundations for shared libraries. You’ll notice super sized photos throughout your library, improving Journal, Collections and Search. You can also now look at all your interactions with a friend just by clicking on them. Additionally, we’ve brought in support for comments on album/multiple photo posts and the much requested linking to original posts. Finally, as you may have noticed by now, we’re transitioning to our new Digi Me name so you have a shiny new app icon to click. After restarting the app, it is important that you follow the prompts to back up, update and protect your existing library.

Alongside all those new goodies we’ve also made enhancements to the existing features.

We look forward to making the next year even more exciting with lots more new features and functionality.  Watch this space for more details about what is to come and if you really can’t wait why not take a look at our roadmap!

If you have enjoyed digi.me help us celebrate by giving us a shout out on Twitter.  We are also still accepting people onto our early adopter programme, so if that is of interest to you please do sign up here.

Personal Data Privacy in the News This Week

This week there has been a lot of discussion on TechCrunch and other sites as a result of this publication detailing how people don’t understand how their personal data is being used by social networks or search sites.

The essence of these articles puts into question whether your personal data is really being used with your permission or whether it is being stolen from you.  Personal information is being traded and used for personal or targeted advertising. Quite simply your preferences and information is the product that is being sold.  The big question about this approach is – Is it legal and ethical?

At the recent HyperCat IoT summit ARM’s Stephen Pattison stated that consumers should own their data.

“We must all accept consumers own their data and we need to make sure consumers have a good sense that they own their data.”

Along side this was a call for a Magna Carta on Data Privacy. What are your thoughts on this and do you feel we need to do more to protect and control our personal data?

Other interesting articles this week included:

What are your thoughts on these articles and how do you think personal information, use and ownership will change in the future?


Tips and Tricks Tuesday: Storytelling

Every now and again I get asked for a top tip that I have picked up during my time working with social media.  This weekend the latest question was in relation to using Facebook.  How do you share a picture on Facebook so that your friends actually see it.

My response was a fairly simple one, it’s not just about the picture it’s about telling the story.  What is it about this particular picture that is interesting?  If it is interesting to you will it be interesting to your friends?  Or is it completely out of context therefore making no sense at all to your friends, family or colleagues?

For example if I share the image below with you without any context… You would probably think something along the lines of “OK that is a piece of lace” and if you are into crafting you might think it is interesting but otherwise you might just move on to something else.



Putting the story together for the image above and putting it in context actually gives it a completely new meaning to people you are sharing the image with.

DSC_0012In this case that is a piece of handmade lace from a 1930’s garter pattern. The garter is for my sister-in-law to wear at her wedding next year and so far has taken over 100 hours to make and it is just over 1/3 complete.

Once you hear the story behind the picture you can see and feel the emotion and context being shared.  Without that context many pictures fail to be noticed and therefore people don’t interact with them. So if you want someone to respond to your images on Facebook make sure that you share a few words that really sum up the moment.

Sometimes a single picture just doesn’t tell a story well enough on it’s own so make the most of the album features on Facebook and tell your story through a series of images or even videos.

Recently Facebook decided that if you share a video directly on their site it would preview and play directly in your timeline.  So if you are going to share a video you will find you get more views from your friends by sharing it directly than if you shared a link to your video on YouTube.

Share your top storytelling tips by leaving a comment!

Friday Fun: The Future of Video

I don’t know if you have noticed the recent trends on social media towards sharing video and the importance of video on social media sites.  Statistically other than Google search YouTube is the most popular video site in the world however Facebook and Twitter now have video embedded into their timelines as well.  The difference here is that if you share video directly through these sites rather than by linking to YouTube you will get more views on these sites.

This in itself leads to a question, do you put your video up on YouTube and link to it from the other sites or do you upload it to multiple places… The answer to this is simple, what is the purpose of your video? To reach as many people as possible or to reach friends, family and colleagues… If it is to reach as many people as possible I would recommend that you upload your video to YouTube but also upload to the social media sites separately don’t link out from YouTube to Facebook as you will lose some of your reach.

For more personal video’s that you really just want to share with those close to you share them directly on Facebook or Twitter.  You aren’t after views as such but you are after family noticing them or friends so focus on what is important.

Over the next few months you will see that we are updating our digi.me help and how to videos, let me know what subject areas you would find useful for us to record short videos of and we will share them with you on Facebook and here on our blog.

Digi.me Showcase at Digital Catapult on 27th April

DCC-Badge-Final-2Digi.me have been chosen as an exemplar in our field and have been given the opportunity to showcase our technology at Digital Catapult on the 27th April.  The key themes that we will be discussing at this event will be the change in control with regard to sharing as well as the internet of things and interoperability.

We wanted to share this exciting news with you and share a little about Digital Catapult as we know that some of you in our community are also start-ups.  We hope that by sharing this news it inspires some of you to give something new a go and also to start some conversations in the digital space on topics like the internet of things.

What is the Digital Catapult?
The Digital Catapult is a national centre to rapidly accelerate the UK’s best digital ideas to market creating new products, services, jobs and value for the UK economy.

The focus of Digital Catapult is on data and metadata – on the data value chain. This is how we describe the ways in which people and organisations create, collect, transport and analyse data. Specifically, we help UK businesses unlock new value from sharing proprietary data in faster, better and more trusted ways.

Our focus is on four challenge areas:
• Closed Organisational Data: Creating secure environments that allow UK organisations to safely mix their closed data and open it up to innovators.
• Personal Data and Trust: Helping to overcome the challenges of creating trust in the use of personal data.
• Creative Content: Unlocking new value in the creative industries by making the reuse of creative content easier; firstly by working with the Copyright Hub to reduce licensing friction.
• The Internet of Things: Sharing and generating IoT data. Being a convening force in creating large-scale Internet of Things demonstrators.

digi.me: What is Coming this Spring!

As many of you know we have been working hard over many months to bring you a great iOS digi.me experience and you won’t have to wait too long.  This spring is going to bring new life to your iPhone – Your Life!

To get you in the mood for spring and so that you get a taste of what is to come we thought that we would share some screen shots and a couple of short preview videos ahead of the software hitting the iTunes Store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We know you will probably have loads of questions… when can you have it and how much will it cost. Well you will have to wait and see. What we can say is you won’t be disappointed! So be patient and enjoy this little behind the scenes look at what is to come!

Share your thoughts on the new iOS app with us in the comments below and make sure you are registered for our newsletter to ensure you hear all the latest news first!

Digi Me Newsletter: Feb 2015 – Sharing

Now that we are well on our way with our rebranding many of you who are already registered for our newsletter will find our latest news and content has just landed in your inbox.

Read the Newsletter Here

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