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Latest digi.me update includes Flickr support

Digi.me has just got even better, with the launch of a new version that introduces some exciting updates while keeping all of the other brilliant features you already know and love.

The story of you can now be even more complete, as the new version (7.0.8 for those of you keeping track) now syncs with Flickr as well as all the existing platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

There is also an option to add personal entries and photos direct to the library, without posting them on any social media platforms first, making digi.me the fullest library of your life and loves to date.

So what new features can you now add to your personal story?

  • Personal entries: add private posts and attach photos from your computer to your digi.me library. These can be organised into collections and are searchable

  • Flickr: Pull your Flickr photos, albums and favs into your digi.me library. As with other sources, you’ll get comments and favs counts on your photos too

  • Instagram: view, search and export your liked Instagram photos

  • Facebook Events: search, view and export events you’ve attended or been invited to

  • Facebook comments now have links attachments included

  • Backups: a simplified view of your backup entries. The journal was getting very busy, so we’ve tidied these summaries up. You’ll see a summary bar at the bottom of every day you synced your sources and can then click on this to see the breakdown.

And, of course, we’ve improved performance where we can, meaning the app now runs smoother than ever.

Any thoughts or questions about the new release? Feel free to get in touch either in the comments or over on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn – and don’t forget to vote for what you’d like to see added to the app next!

Finally, don’t forget that your data will always belong to you. That’s why it’s downloaded directly to your computer for your enjoyment and use – we never see it.

How To Enable Password Protection In SocialSafe – VIDEO GUIDE

At SocialSafe we understand that privacy is a very important issue for a lot of people, and we take yours very seriously. This is why we never see nor store any data that you choose to back up from your social networks. We also recognise the fact that a number of you may be using SocialSafe on machines with shared access – such as a family computer – so a while ago we added password protection for your SocialSafe journal.

Enabling password protection within SocialSafe is very easy, and we’ve put together a simple video showing you how to do this:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLeRevN_tPk]

As you’ll see, all you need to do is click on ‘Edit Password’ from the menu in the bottom left of the app, and from there you can choose your password. You are also able to set your SocialSafe journal to lock after a period of inactivity (you can choose the length of time), and there is also the option to set your journal to lock when your machine is sleeping.

If you needed to lock your journal immediately, but leave your workstation open for someone else – allowing a housemate or a friend to borrow your laptop to do some work for example – then you can click on ‘Lock Now’ from the menu:

password protection
Lock your journal manually from the menu

As with every password,  it is good practice to make it something memorable to yourself, but not obvious to other people. A combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters and other characters is recommended to make your password as strong as possible.

How To Change Language Within SocialSafe

Some of you will have already noticed this, but SocialSafe is available in both English and French. We’re aware that a lot of you may not speak English as your native tongue, so we’re working our hardest on getting SocialSafe translated into other languages.

If you’d like to change the language used within SocialSafe, simply go to the settings menu and select ‘Language’, then click one of the options:

Change language within SocialSafe

As you can see, the only options currently available are English and French, however we’re in the process of completing lots of translations, including German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese. We hope to make these available within SocialSafe very soon.

Obviously we want to make our app as accessible as possible, so if you have a suggestion for another language that we should support within SocialSafe, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Facebook Outages Reported – How To Access Your Data Offline

There have been user reports of Facebook outages in the United States, Brazil, Tunisia and other locations. People first had trouble logging in from around 4:30pm PST, and it wasn’t until 8:00pm PST that Facebook finally seemed to be stable again in the problem areas.

As usual when one particular social network experiences problems, the users turn to another to vent their frustrations. Unsurprisingly, Twitter was the forum for people to make their voices heard. Some tweets took a shot at Facebook itself, with many posts along the lines of “Facebook is down. Just like its stock price”, while one user made the tongue in check observations that as “Facebook goes down, U.S. workforce productivity suddenly spikes for the first time since 2004“.

While for some people it may be a source of humour or a minor inconvenience, for those whose businesses heavily rely on Facebook this could pose a serious problem. Not being able to access a brand page or being unable to find crucial contact information can be hugely problematic – especially if a situation is time-sensitive, as they so often are in business.

One step you can take to limit the impact any social network access issues have is to backup your content. There are various services out there that cater to different needs. SocialSafe is one such service that allows you to backup Facebook profiles and pages as well as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Viadeo accounts. All of your data is available offline in a searchable journal, so if the network you rely on has its own problems, at least you’ll still have your own content at hand.

SocialSafe v6.2 Released – Further Instagram Integration And Bug Fixes

Late last week we released version 6.2 of SocialSafe that includes further backup and integration on Instagram accounts and some other changes.

Previous versions had a more limited set of capabilities for backing up Instagram, with only photos, comments, tags and likes being brought down from the cloud. Now with SocialSafe 6.2, all of your profile information and contacts are backed up, and integrated into the journal. This means that your Instagram content will be visible through the calendar, and you can now also search across all of your tags, likes, comments and contacts associated with your account.

search instagram backups

We also had a minor niggle with Google+ by way of the fact that users would have to sign in each time they wanted to sync their account – a bit of a pain, especially if you’d been taking advantage of the scheduled backup function. Well, our developers worked swiftly to re-instate unlimited authorisation for Google+ backups so everything should be running smoothly again for that.

Those two main changes aside, there were some other minor bug fixes and UI enhancements incorporated into SocialSafe 6.2, so please show your appreciation for all the hard work that our development team continually put in by leaving a comment or ‘Like’ to tell them how much you enjoy the product they have created.