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Friday Fun: Finding Yourself

When you lose your phone or your laptop fails you how do you find and restore your digital self?

The other day I lost my phone. Don’t ask me how I will never know!  Anyway it was lost for three whole days and along with it my sanity and my sense of humor were both starting to go as well.  All I will say is thank goodness that my digital life is mainly online and here’s how I managed to recover it!

First of all I started searching for my phone… I looked everywhere, turned the house upside down… then started searching my car and anywhere I’d been recently. It took forever and I didn’t find it.  So then I decided to play detective…

  1. What was the last social media content that I uploaded? What were the last pictures of me online and what was I wearing? (Maybe it is in my clothes or maybe it will give me an idea of where I was when I lost my phone… (I used the digi.me journal to do this bit as it was quicker than looking at each social network individually!)
  2. All my photo’s are backed up to the cloud so I also then went through the most recent image uploads there… The last images that were uploaded were at home… that’s a start then… it’s unlikely to be anywhere but home…
  3. My phone is on Android OS so I then decided to see what information Google had captured about my location to confirm this last assumption. All I needed to do was search “find my phone” on Google and it shows the last place it saw it.  Thank goodness it agreed the last place I had it was at home!
  4. So now to work out what I did with it.  I knew where I’d been that day so then went through the bags I’d used and voila my phone was found!

So you see social media and my online digital presence can be used to track my every move.

Your challenge today is to find out what information is out there about you and share your story online.  Remember when you share your story tag it with #itsyourlife and we’ll share the best of them on Twitter and Facebook!

Friday Fun: Advanced Social Search

Did you know that with digi.me you can search not just all of your social media updates but also specific parts of your social media content?  For example you could search for the phrase “social media” within profiles to find all those people who have described their interests as including social media.

advanced search

To find advanced search. Click on the magnifying glass icon next to “All accounts” & select advanced. Here you can select the different types of content within each account.

You can even search the text associated with just images if you are looking for a specific image. Imagine the scenario that you shared an image or liked and image and left a comment but you can’t find it again.  Use the social search to find that image by just searching the photo’s shared via Facebook and Instagram.

What would you use the advanced search features for and how could you see this being useful for you?

Google+ Allows Anyone To Send You Gmail – Check Your Privacy Settings

Google has announced a new feature for Gmail that will allow anyone with an account on Google+ to send you an email through the network. While you aren’t able to see anyone else’s email address unless you are the recipient (or they have replied to you), it is possible to email anyone that has a Google+ account by selecting their profile from a drop down menu when you are writing an email.

One thing to bear in mind is that Google’s default setting is to allow anyone to email you if you have a Google+ account. However, this is a setting to that can changed, and it will function similarly to Facebook’s privacy settings in that it will be based on how many degrees of separation there are between you on Google+.

For example, you change the setting so that instead of anyone on Google+ being able to email you, this privilege can be extended to people in your Extended Circles, only those in your actual Circles, or you can disable the functionality altogether by selecting the ‘No one’ option. People who aren’t in any of your circles will also be constricted to only contacting you once, unless you subsequently reply to them or add them to one of your Circles.

Before you start to worry that you’re already susceptible to barrages of unwarranted communications from people you don’t know, a Google spokesperson told ReadWrite’s Selena Larson that Google+ users will be alerted to the new feature via email, and that it won’t be active until all of those emails have gone out.

So what do you think of the new feature? Is it a good idea that will make it easier for us to communicate and connect with new people, or has another privacy barrier been torn down? Given that you can turn the feature off altogether, you do have the choice as to whether or not you allow yourself to be contacted by strangers, although it might have been better if it was as an opt-in feature rather than enabled as default.

Backupify recommends SocialSafe (6 month free licence offer)

Backupify is recommending SocialSafe to its customers after announcing that they are phasing out their consumer services for social media backup.

We’re super happy to be helping Backupify and are offering a special welcome bonus for all Backupify customers. Grab a special copy of SocialSafe today and get 6 months of social media backup absolutely free!

SocialSafe enables you to back up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social network accounts straight to your computer.

You can also use SocialSafe’s RSS back up option to download your latest photos on Flickr and latest posts from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms.

SocialSafe isn’t just about backing up your social media though. Our mission is to help you maintain and enjoy the whole story of you. You can view all your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and your blogs, complete with comments and likes. You can travel back through your online timeline and relive those special moments. You can even get interesting insights on your content and on your friends’ and fans’ interactions with you. And that’s just for starters!

A quick note on privacy as it’s very dear to our hearts. Everything is stored on your computer and as such is never seen or accessed by us. We believe you should own and control your online social life and having your own personal copy is the best way to achieve that.

Get in touch or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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