Influential UK Twitterer Has Her YFrog Account Deleted

In life accidents can happen, and the online world is no different. YFrog, the Twitter photo sharing service inadvertently deleted the account of Grace Dent, an influential Twitter user and writer with over 94,000 followers. At present there appears to be no explanation for why her account was deleted, but TechCrunch have reached out to YFrog for comment.

deletef YFrog account

Now normally this is where I would tell you how our SocialSafe app can backup Service X for you, but this is not the case today. We don’t currently support YFrog or other specific photo sharing applications like Flickr or Instagram, but we’re always looking to expand the capabilities of what our product can do.

Recently Twitter has become the number one photo sharing service on its platform, dealing with 36% of shares, while YFrog is down to 21% from 29.3% five months ago. If certain services are in decline, people may be wanting to move stored media from one service to another. If your photos are stored online, but scattered around your Twitter stream, it can be hard to get them all at once.

Rest assured, we’ll be looking into what the respective APIs for lots of different services will allow us to do in terms of backing up your photos. We don’t currently support YFrog or other specific photo sharing applications like Flickr or Instagram, but these are on our development roadmap.  However, priorities for these other services is not currently fixed.

In the past our best inspiration for where to go next has often come from you – our customers. We don’t intend on changing that stance any time soon, so if you have a favourite social media service that we aren’t currently supporting, please get in touch with us through the user voice link on our Contact page.

We have plenty of ideas ourselves but by telling us which services are the most important to you, we are able to prioritise our work to make sure we’re focussing on what our customers want, rather than what we think you all want. But don’t mention backing up Google+, Viadeo and LinkedIn… let’s just say we may have some news about them this week!