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SocialSafe v6.3.1 Now Released – Captive Runtime, Windows 8 Certification + More

This afternoon we released SocialSafe v6.3.1, so here’s a quick heads up about our most recent update to your favourite social network backup tool.

In SocialSafe v6.3.1 we have implemented Captive Runtime. This means that the app available for download from the SocialSafe website is now packaged together with Adobe Air to allow for easy installation and updates, and is no longer dependant on a separate installation of Adobe Air.

This will reduce the number of updates for new users and allow better control of Adobe Air versions in use for SocialSafe. Existing users will be sent instructions on how to transition to the new version as the old version will become unsupported in the next few weeks.

In addition to incorporating Captive Runtime, we have improved sync-completion and post-sync messaging, as well as making UI improvements throughout the app. The other big news is that we have Windows 8 SmartScreen Approval, so SocialSafe is now an approved Windows 8 application!

As ever, your opinion matters to us, so if you have any questions, queries or suggestions, please feel free to get in touch via our Facebook page, on Twitter, or through our Feedback Forum.