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We’re always trying to spread the SocialSafe message as far and wide as we can – and that message is that the individual should be the biggest single owner of personal data. One of the ways we can reach people is by having a presence at industry events and speaking to audiences – this may even be how you came across us in the first place.

leweb startup competition

Following our success at last year’s LeWeb Startup Competition in Paris, we’ve applied to enter competitions at Dublin’s prestigious Web Summit this coming November. SocialSafe Founder & Chairman, Julian Ranger, would love the opportunity to talk to the assembled delegates about why we think that big data is wrong… for the individual.

In order for Julian to be in with a chance of speaking on the Web Summit People’s Stage, he needs to make it into the top 50 from his pool. All you need to do to help us get him there is to vote for him by clicking “Like” on Julian’s Web Summit People’s Stage voting page.

Here’s a short summary from Julian about why we believe big data is wrong… for the individual:

“We’ve lost control of our personal data, are unable to benefit from that data, and have prejudiced our privacy. Our data is also lost, we are unable to access it, nor to aggregate it. There seems no solution, but there is – return ownership & control to the individual. This allows the user to do more with their data AND also allows the user to permission access to that data for service, convenience or reward – all under user control, but benefiting businesses as well as users by providing access to a wider, deeper, accurate data set, all whilst respecting user privacy.”

Click here to read a more in-depth piece about our vision for the future of personal data.

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