digi.me is now on the Evernote app center!

In another success for our groundbreaking app, which unlocks the power of personal data for each and every user, you can now find us on the Evernote app center!

Not only that – we’re in the new and noteworthy section, with a lovely description of our app and what you can do with it – which obviously includes exporting to Evernote.

We often focus on what digi.me can do in terms of data, gathering information from your accounts across the major sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and more, but export is one of our key features too.

You can use export – which can also be done to PDF as well – in pretty much any way you choose – and anywhere you see the PDF and Evernote elephant symbols.

While your collected social media history is a huge and wonderful thing, sometimes you want or need smaller groups of content, or even individual photos, that you can access any time you want them.

While your digi.me library is always available to you, exporting allows you to gather groups of content or favourite images in other places too.

If you want to export to Evernote, when you select your chosen items within digi.me you’re given the chance to give the finished note a title and select which of your existing notebooks it should go in, before it is created in seconds, complete with original likes and comments.

We think everyone should be using digi.me already, but if you needed just one more reason and export was that, then try our free download now!



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