Do we need an Export button for everything?

A recent Techcrunch response to Jason Calacanis’s Facebook dig alerted me to their call for an export button.

SocialSafe is Facebook’s export button.

What we don’t do though is export everything you and your friends generate (Jason suggests Facebook offer an export for your complete social graph), for good reason. Our focus with SocialSafe’s continued development is to export and backup YOUR content directly to YOUR computer, privately and securely. This avoids the need for increasingly complex privacy settings and multi directional permissions between you and your friends. Keep it simple! Facebook have had enough trouble with privacy settings for all of us. You couldn’t import your Facebook social graph anywhere else and couldn’t easily import it back into Facebook either.

We are however continuing our work to fully utilise Facebook’s apis so that you can export/backup all that you have created for your Facebook .. and expanding SocialSafe’s capabilities to include the backing up of your data on other social networks.

But it’s not just about backing up. It would be very easy for us to simply export everything into one unreadable file and store it somewhere on your computer as a backup, but what use is that if you can’t view it? We have been working busily over the last few months on a better way to view this backed up information.

All will be revealed very soon and it’ll be a FREE update to all our existing users.

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