How To Post To Facebook And Twitter If Your Internet Goes Down

We’d just like to say that of us here at SocialSafe are hoping that everyone in New York and the other affected areas of the United State manages to stay safe during Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are also with those who are already dealing with losses in the Caribbean.

Many people are already without electricity and internet access, but there are still ways to post on Facebook and Twitter to let lots of people know that you are OK, or even to ask for help, should you need it.

Tweeting via text message is something that you can set up via, so you might want to enable it now while you still can. From the homepage, got to “Settings” and then “Mobile”. Enter your mobile phone number into the “Activate Twitter text messaging” field and then text “GO” to the number 40404. Once you receive the confirmation text you can then post a tweet by simply writing a text and sending it to 40404.

You are also able to post updates to Facebook in a similar way. Having logged into, navigate to your “Account Settings”, then “Mobile”, then click on “Activate Text Messaging”. There’s a little more to do here than there is on Twitter, so select your country and carrier, and follow the rest of the on-screen instructions, before texting “F” to 32665. Once your confirmation number has come through, you’ll need to enter it on the web page. You should the receive a final text from Facebook, meaning that you can update your status via sending a text message containing your update to 32655.

If your power or internet is out then you probably won’t be able to read this, but if the storm is yet to hit your area, maybe think about enabling text messaging on your Twitter and Facebook accounts – it might come in handy to let your loved ones know you’re OK or to call for help.

Judging by what we’re hearing on the news and some of the footage appearing online from those caught in the middle of this, things look pretty catastrophic. We hope that all of you on the East Coast and in other affected areas are able to stay safe and get through this in one piece.

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