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Recovering Your Online Privacy – How To Delete A Bebo Account


This article is from 2014 however the need to own, protect and secure your personal data has never been more important today, since then we have seen the introduction of new legislation and more rights for you as an individual to take ownership and control of your digital life. If you are looking for a way to collect and search your social media look no further than the app.

Last year you may have read a post on here about a friend of mine who had a job interview cancelled because the employer carried out a social media check and found something on her Bebo account that they didn’t like. She hadn’t used Bebo in around 8 years and never for one second thought that someone would take the trouble to look on there when screening for an interview.

Naturally she then tried to delete the account but found that while her profile was still publicly viewable, there was no way to login and edit or delete it. We both emailed Bebo asking them to deleted our accounts in September 2013, but I didn’t hear anything until February, when they said:

Hey Andrew,
Totally understand your concern. Please know that we have received your request and are building a tool as we speak to get this done for you asap. Thanks for your patience.
Thank you for your email,

Bebo Support 

Anyway, they have since got back to me this week, saying that my account had actually been deleted – as per my request – a while ago:

deleting a bebo account

So if you wanted to delete a Bebo account, we can tell you that there is a way. From my own experience, if you simply send an email to asking them to delete an account they can do this for you. You’ll probably have to prove that you are the one who owns the account, but in my case I just emailed them from the address used to create the account in the first place, and they didn’t ask me for any further information.

Here at SocialSafe we absolutely believe in holding on to your past and cherishing the memories you create online, but at the same time we’ve all said things online that at some point we later regret. We know a number of people had commented on the original article about this, so hopefully this will help anyone looking to delete a Bebo account.

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  1. Hello,

    Many years ago I signed in at Badoo. After a while, one of my friends said to me: did you know that you still have a badoo account and that everybody can see your pictures? I totally forget about this account and tried straight away to delete it. But until now, they are working on the site and nothing can be done. Does someone know what I can do? Please help me.

  2. I have emailed the address above to delete my bebo account as I do not want my information on the Internet for everyone to see, could you please tell me how long it will take for my account to be removed?

  3. Please cancel my accounts. Its showing pictures of me and I have been stoked and need the pictures off the interent please sort this for me. It is causing trouble in my life.

  4. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but
    your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back
    in the future. Cheers

  5. I’ve noticed that my old bebo account is there for anyone to view but I can’t remember my password or don’t even no how to get on it to remove it. Please help!

  6. Any advice on how to recover/reactivate a private Bebo account?? I get the “We can’t find the page you are looking for” landing screen whenever I try to log in or click its link on a friend’s public profile. Fingers crossed, they haven’t deleted it!

  7. Hi I have emailed them and just want to check how long it will take for them to them to get back to me? and does it mean once it has been removed it is not publically viewable? thankyou for all the help this means alot

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