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SocialSafe Chairman Julian Ranger Talks ‘Life Logging’ With Gordon Bell And Robert Scoble

Last week our Chairman, Julian Ranger , sat down with Gordon Bell and Robert Scoble to discuss life logging, and how SocialSafe can enable users to get their whole story, in an online world were we tell stories in a variety of different places.

Gordon Bell, Researcher Emeritus at Microsoft Research, pioneered the concept of life logging, and since 1999 has – among other endeavours – worked on MyLifeBits, an experiment in lifetime storage and a software research effort.  Robert Scoble is Startup Liaison Officer at Rackspace, but is perhaps best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technical evangelist at Microsoft.

You can watch Julian’s interview with Robert and Gordon here in full:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbzRxf_JI60 align’center’]

We feel that taking ownership of your data is very important, but the ability to view and use the data from across a number of different social networks is where SocialSafe really excels, and we’re thrilled that Robert and Gordon agree with what we’re enabling our users to achieve with our app.

As Julian explains in the video, all data that a SocialSafe user backs up is downloaded directly from their social network accounts and then stored on their own machine. This makes using SocialSafe totally private, and gives users their whole story without having to share it with anyone else.

For more information about SocialSafe please visit our website, where you can also download the free trial.

VIDEO – Automatic Backups Using The SocialSafe Scheduler

We recently made some improvements to the Scheduler within SocialSafe, which gives users greater control over how and when they use the app to download new content from their social network accounts.

By using the Scheduler, users can set SocialSafe to sync automatically at given times throughout the day or week. The app doesn’t even need to be open, and will run in the background, as not to disturb you. The Scheduler can be accessed via the Settings menu found in the bottom corner on SocialSafe, and is easy to set up. We made a short video showing you how this works:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Guj5TDWNZIk align’center’]

The Scheduler offers a great deal of choice in terms of how often you’d like SocialSafe to automatically sync, with a time range between schedule syncs being anything from an hour to a week.

There are also plenty of options in between, as you’ll see in the video. The Daily setting allows you to set SocialSafe to run at up to five different times during the day, without having to set it to the Hourly setting. The Weekly setting also allows you to set SocialSafe to run as seldom as once a week, or up to five different times throughout the week.

This all runs in the background and should provide you all with enough flexibility to set your SocialSafe to sync at a time convenient to you, without you having to remember to open the app each time. Of course your machine will still need to be on and connected to the internet for SocialSafe to be able to download any new content from your networks.

You can also choose to be shown your most popular content after SocialSafe has finished a sync, and this simply takes you to the Insights part of the app, which you should already be familiar with.

If you have any questions about the Scheduler, please leave a comment below, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

What Will Happen To Your Social Networks When You Are Gone?

While the digital age has heralded incredible advances in communication abilities, it also leaves us open to the possibility that all the work we put into writing blogs, posting messages on friends’ walls and such like, can all be deleted with one click, never to be seen again. When the time comes to sort through the belongings of a recently deceased friend or loved one, diaries and journals are the sort of things that are kept.

But it’s hard to imagine that the same sense of catharsis will be experienced by a social network – who are essentially landlords of a house full of belongings left for them to deal with by an intestate – when it comes to dealing with the profile of the departed. There is no emotional connection between the host website and the user who posted updates every day for several years, so the likelihood is that they will simply delete it. However the friends of that userwill have an attachment to the photos, the wall posts, the comments from that user on their own updates etc.

And before we spend too much time dwelling on the mortality of man, all of this content could also be lost while someone is still alive. Perhaps digital’s greatest strength is also its greatest weakness. While information can be shared so quickly and in a virtual environment, it also means that it can disappear without a trace just as quickly.

Thankfully backing up social media accounts and taking control of the content you create just got easier. With SocialSafe you can unite your social networks and create your own copy of the digital stories you tell as you forge your own path through the world of online networking. Safely store all the content and contacts from Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+. For more information about how to start your own offline backup journal visit the SocialSafe website.

Use SocialSafe To Unite Your Social Networks

These days more and more of our time is spent online, and an increasing amount of our output is held in the cloud, with social networks accounting for a large proportion of this content.

At times it can be hard to keep track of your various activities, especially when you are connected with an individual on more than one social network. Trying to remember when and indeed where you spoke with someone or received a message or link can be an arduous task.

SocialSafe allows you to unite your social networks, creating a searchable offline journal populated by your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn and Viadeo accounts. You can select which aspects of each service that you’d like to backup from the cloud, and aggregate all of them into one place that you can browse or search.

For example if you are someone who does a lot of communicating through Twitter, you can search your SocialSafe journal to find all mentions, DMs and tweets to or from a certain person. But say you are connected with someone on Facebook and LinkedIn as well as Twitter, you can simply incorporate those networks into your search parameters within SocialSafe to see all interactions that have previously occurred with that person.

If you were trying to find a particular tweet or Facebook timeline post but you can’t remember who said it or the exact date, it’s as easy as going to the Calendar view in the app and setting a range of dates to then browse all of your activities across your networks to find what you are looking for.

So if you want to unite your social networks, start using SocialSafe now to backup your Facebook Timeline, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Viadeo accounts to create a beautiful, searchable, digital journal. You can find out more information about SocialSafe and download the free version on our website.