Digi.me named as one of Europe’s top 100 digital pioneers


Digi.me has been recognised as one of the top 100 European digital pioneers by the Financial Times, Google and leading European policy makers.

We have been included in a special report from the Financial Times, Europe’s Road to Growth, and are delighted have been chosen as one of the top European companies using technology to tackle social challenges.

The judges were impressed by our growth and transformation in recent years, as well as our guiding principles of personal data privacy for all.

Digi.me enables individuals to own and control their personal data and data trail, gaining greater personal insights over their health and financials, for example, by having them all in one place – and then share that data with full consent to any business they want, all with complete privacy and security.

We are working with world-leading businesses in the health, finance, FMCG and telco sectors on projects unlocking the innovation benefits of targeted and consented data sharing for both consumers and organisations.

Merging with US company Personal last year created a global personal data control powerhouse, which doubled our workforce and gave us a valuable foothold outside Europe, and we also now have a partner company in Australia.

Digi.me has also won two awards recently – being named a Digital Innovator in Bird&Bird’s Power List, as well as winning the start-up category of the Sopra Open Banking Challenge. Our work in putting individuals at the centre of their own health data and care led to us being used as a case study in Future Agenda’s global Future of Patient Data report alongside Apple, iCarbonX, Deepmind and Amazon.

Julian Ranger, digi.me’s Founder and Executive Chairman, said: “There is a big economic prize to be won if we can continue the growth of digital services in Europe.

“Where this involves the individual is that it means sharing more personal data not less.  Yet the prevailing narrative is that privacy, security and consent at the heart of the new EU GDPR, will stifle innovation.

“That is fundamentally wrong and at digi.me, where we return ownership and control of personal data to the individual, we enable all parties to do more with personal data with privacy, security and consent.

“Europe’s Road to Growth will use a new highway, one created by MyData – greater use of personal data for new services controlled by the individual, enabled by digi.me.”

Digi.me has gone from 12 UK-based staff in 2015 to a global workforce of 60 now across the UK, US and Europe. We have grown and strengthened all of our developer teams, both for cloud and devices, as well as enhancing our sector-specific Business Development teams

The digital pioneers winners are being celebrated at an event at Google’s Digitaal Atelier in Brussels, where EU  Commissioner Mariya Gabriel congratulated all the winners, alongside ​Matt Brittin, ​President ​of Business  & Operations for Google Europe, Middle East, & Africa.



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