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Access to NHS health data set to go live in the UK is delighted to be able to say that we have recently been approved by the NHS to allow users access to health data held by GPs.

The initial phase focuses on EMIS, one of the main electronic health record systems used by healthcare professionals, which holds data centrally for thousands of GP practices in England.

Within weeks, users of the NHS in England whose GPs use EMIS will be able to connect to their accounts, using the same “Patient Online” credentials they already use to book appointments or order repeat prescriptions online.

This means app users in England will be able to download a copy of their key health data, although the types and amount of data available will be determined by each GP practice.

In the early phases of this rollout, common types of data likely to be available will include key elements records such as vaccination history, medications, prescriptions, existing conditions, as well as health measurements and allergy information.

Over the course of 2019, the scope of data available will be extended as quickly as possible with plans to include new sources of data as and when they become available within the NHS.

The work in the UK builds on collaborations in Iceland, where patients have access to their data nationally, and more recent integrations with Epic and Cerner in the US where now connects to over 200 healthcare providers.

As a global business that has its roots firmly in the UK, is delighted to be able to bring this knowledge and technology back to England and, in time, expand to give greater access to data across the UK and wider into Europe.

Once data is opened up, enables 3rd party apps and services to easily integrate through the Private Sharing SDK, radically reducing the time and effort to gain access to fully consented data, as well as providing a private and secure means for apps to store data.

Uniquely, works across all data which means app developers can access an ever-increasing breadth of longitudinal data including social media, banking, health records, wearables and devices. is working with partners in Iceland, the UK, Norway, Netherlands, Australia and the US to establish an eco-system of apps and services with which individuals can use their data to better manage their health, wellbeing and specific conditions, as well as participate directly in research.

As healthcare starts to focus more on prevention and early detection, the role of personal data will become increasing significant in aiding prevention and early detection. In fact, industry and innovators are well placed to potentially lead the way in improving the health of the nation.

As scales out in the UK, we are looking for early adopters who would like to help with testing as well as developers who are interested in building health-related propositions which require access to data. Get in touch with us by emailing our VP Health Dan Bayley.

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